Shakeology is TOO Expensive

Shakeology is too EXPENSIVE.

Shakeo 2

For months I thought so, too. Then I learned a few things:

I thought Shakeology was a protein shake (an expensive protein shake). Heck, I could just go to GNC for a protein shake. There are so many protein shakes and meal replacement shakes out there. BUT, Shakeology is not protein shake or a meal replacement….it is both (and THEN SOME!). Shakeology was made for people who want more than protein and more than a meal replacement. It is for people who want good a nutritional meal.


If you took all the vitamins that are in Shakeology and bought them separately, you would be spending WAY over $250 a month on supplements. Shakeology breaks down to about $4 a day. If you really look at what you buy for a “quick” meal, I GUARANTEE you it is WAY more that $4 (I’m not talking about anything for the dollar menu either). I am talking about a nutritious, delicious, and filling meal for just $4.

shakeo 1 Shakeo 3

Here my next another point: Shakeology is a WHOLE FOOD. You are buying a month’s worth of FOOD. I dare you to buy a month’s worth of food at the grocery store. Guess what, it is going to be more expensive then purchasing a day’s worth…or even a week’s worth.


Shakeology also has some extra “magic”, too. Here’s what a few of Shakeo drinkers have reported:

“Since I have been drinking Shakeology, my eczema is gone. GONE! When I missed it for a week after when traveling, it started to come back. It’s the best my skin has ever looked.”

“I have been taking medicine daily for years due migraines. Since I started drinking Shakeology, my migraines have been dramatically reduced. I am saving so much money on migraine meds!”

“Shakeology gave me the energy and mental focus I needed. I am able to get thought my work more efficiently and still have enough energy to exercise at the end of the day”

Guess what? Give your body what it needs…it gives back to you!


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