21 Day Fix Meals – Kids can eat it, too!

 I get a lot of questions about the 21 Day Fix meal plan.  What I often get asked is, “How do I eat on the plan and still feed my family?”

❤️This post is NOT about how to get your kids to eat veggies.  That’s a post in itself. 😩😩😩

What’s so great about the 21 Day Fix meal plan is that it’s real food.  No prepackaged meals….all the food you eat is probably meals you already make at home.  It’s all about PORTION control.  👉No, I’m not saying protein reduction…it’s eating the right amount to properly feed our body.💪

Here’s an example of a meal I made AND my kids ate:

🔸Spaghetti Squash

🔸Zucchini Noodles

🔸Turkey Meatballs


 🔻If you’re kiddos won’t eat the veggie spaghetti (what my kids call it) you can change the noodles out.

❤️❤️Meal time is so important for my family.  I would never sign up for something that didn’t allow me to eat with my kiddos.❤️❤️

If your biggest hesitation is not wanting to cook separate meals for you and your family, fear not.  Any questions?  

Email me: Sabrina.Grossi@yahoo.com


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