My Type of Inspiration

I’m not a “Post an Inspirational Quote” type of person, UNLESS….it speaks to me. (Funny enough, I love to read quotes to find ones that truly inspire me).Today, I found this one and it was perfect. I’m currently reading “The Slight Edge” and from what I’m understanding   one small decision you take EVERYDAY can have huge impacts down the road. Instant gratification is just that…an instant. But 1 small decision each day can create a HUGE change in your life.  

For example, weight loss. If you walked 15 minutes each day to maybe help you lost a pound a week. You could be 50lbs lighter by the end of the year.  

Small decision – 15 minutes walk.

Life Changer – 50 lbs down in a year.



Shakeology Ingredient Roundup – BILBERRIES

No, I didn’t say BLUEBERRIES, I said BILBERRIES.  The bilberry may just look like a regular berry, but it is much more. This berry is packed with supernutrients that make this fruit a superfood. 

The bilberry, a relative of the cranberry, huckleberry, and American blueberry, is a plant with bright green leaves and bell-shaped flowers that grows wild, primarily in northern Europe.

The bilberry looks very much like a blueberry, but its flesh is darker — somewhere between deep purple and crimson — and its flavor is tarter, says Steve Foster, a plant photographer. 

While both fruits are loaded with antioxidants and anthocyanins, bilberries typically contain up to four times more of those goodies than blueberries. Plus, bilberries are extremely rich in vitamin C!

And for the last 500 years, these little “blue” berries have been used all across Europe for medicinal purposes.

Bilberry Benefits

~ Improve Vision

~ Retina Repair

~ Used to stop diarrhea, nausea, indigestion  

~ Cancer prevention

*these are only a few benefits of Bilberry

So if you want some bilberry action in your life, instead of seeking them out in supermarkets, just go make yourself a delicious and nutritious Shakeology. Because when it comes to putting healthy stuff in your body, Shakeology has your BACK!