Where’s the Shakeo at Target?? Target has EVERYTHING?!?!


This is a conversation you my hear at a Target, Walmart, Kamart, or any other fine establishment that sells “Other Products”:

“Um, yes, I’m looking for the Shakeology…No SHAKEOLOGY???  OK, what about that cute Sean T fellow and Insanity???  NO Insanity…OK, how about some p90x…that Tony Horton is AMAZING???  Brazilian Butt LIFT…I KNOW YOU HAVE THAT!!”

shocked face

Why Can’t I Buy Beachbody Products in stores??


This question gests asked all the time…NO, you can’t buy Beachbody dvds and Shakeolgy in stores.  You may be asking yourself, “Why?”

Team Beachbody created their programs so you won’t fail.  They found if you have a friend, buddy, or coach to chat with about your struggles and goals, you have a better chance of getting maximum results.  When you purchase any program, even just Shakeology, you have a coach.  Even if you just went onto www.shakeology.com and ordered Shakeology, YOU HAVE A COACH.  You are never alone.

On the business side of this, as a coach, when you reach a certain level of business (the first ranking), you are given these new ‘leads’ to help them reach their goals.  The commission is yours and anything they buy in the future, you also earn commission for.  Beachbody doesn’t just want the people who buy the programs to succeed, but also their coaches!

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