How to Use Shakeology

“Sabrina…how do you use Shakeology? Is it a meal replacement? Is it a snack? When should I drink it?” I get these questions DAILY.

These were the questions I even asked my coach before I got started. So I compiled a list of how I use it. With a little research I even came up with some information as to why each possible use of Shakeology could benefit you.

As a meal: One of the most popular ways to drink Shakeology is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Shakeology can vary from 140-170 calories depending on the flavor. Adding ingredients like fruit, nut-butters, or milk gets you to a healthy caloric content that is satisfying and delicious (not to mention nutritious)!
Snack: Shakeology is an incredibly nutrient dense snack. Since Shakeology doesn’t have much fat, the nutrients are put to use very quickly in your body. Shakeology will give you lasting energy because it’s providing nutrients your body needs. You can either make yourself a ½ scoop serving of Shakeology or a full scoop. Sometimes I use 1/2 for a mid morning snack and the other 1/2 for a nighttime treat. It’s beneficial to eat small meals throughout the day, to help your matabolism work efficiently. Shakeology as a snack will keep your metabolism going and your cravings reduced!

Pre-Workout Supplement: A good way to use Shakeology is as a pre-workout snack/meal. Your workout will help you get the most out of Shakeology, and Shakeology will give you the energy you need to get through your workout.
Energy Boost: Next time the 2PM slump rolls around, try Shakeology. Shakeology will give you sustained energy because it’s providing nutrients your body needs to get things done. It has a low glycemic impact, meaning it helps keep blood sugar levels stable unlike sugary energy drinks.
Late Night Sweet Cravings: Sometimes at the end of the day i crave something sweet; ok, this happens a lot! Instead of grabbing something sugary, I’ll make a chocolate Shakeology. I often eat a small dinner with my kids and have a sweet treat at night. My kids are on the “early bird special so eating dinner at 5:30 was not cutting it for me! Drinking Shakeology at night is better than binging on cookies once I became hungry by 8 PM!
Post-Workout Supplement: Here are several reasons why Shakeology is a good post-workout supplement:

Calories: Too many of the wrong calories after a workout will greatly impair your fitness goals. At 140 to 170 calories, Shakeology fills your hunger needs with low caloriesthis requirement perfectly.
Protein: Protein is so important after a tough workout because it works to repair your muscles. Shakeology has 15 to 18 grams of protein in each serving, which great as a muscle building tool.
Replenish Electrolytes: The magnesium, sodium, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in Shakeology will boost your electrolytes. Better than Gatorade in my opinion!

Long story short: You can’t go wrong! Find out what works best for you and your needs!